Embracing change

For many of years I was stuck in a routine of active addiction. Feeling stuck and knowing I needed to change. Knowing my way was not working. I stumbled into the rooms of recovery broken. Remember asking people what all do I need to change? … Continue readingEmbracing change

Crossing the line

I never thought I would become an alcoholic and addict. It was not part of my plans. However, it turned out to be that way. Today, I’m fortunate enough to say I’m grateful in my recovery. I have found that, lately, people have asked if … Continue readingCrossing the line


Powerless over drugs /alchol and my live became unmanageable. Thats always something I struggle with. How can a drink or a drug have more power then me? I’m.here to tell you it was and took me down. Some people take offense to the word powerless. … Continue readingPowerless

I Am Not Anonymous

My name is Dan Carpenter, aka Carpy Diem. I have suffered with addiction for a long time. I got clean and sober on January 24, 2011, and for that I am forever grateful. I attend the 12-Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. I choose to work … Continue readingI Am Not Anonymous